Nepal Govt. Regd. No: 50058/064/065
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Travel Information

Visa and Passport

Bhutanese embassies or consulates abroad do not issue tourist visa. The Druk Air ticket cannot be purchased without first obtaining visa. Visa application at least eight weeks in advance is advisable. The visitors are required valid passport and visa to enter Bhutan, except for Indian nationals. Travelers to Bhutan must have a visa approval prior to arriving in the kingdom of Bhutan. Those who have not had a visa approval will not permitted to board their Durk Air Flight.

Travel Visa Application

Once you are ready to confirm your tour arrangements we will apply for your visas. We will need the following details:

Your full name (exactly as it appears in your passport)
Permanent address
Passport Number
Date of issue and expiry date of passport
Date and place of birth

Your Bhutan visa will be stamped in your passport when you arrive in the kingdom. You need to pay US$ 20 cash upon arrival and present 2 passport photos with your passport number on the back. We can process visa extensions for you if necessary.

Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airlines)

As required by government regulations all visitors must travel at least one way into Bhutan by Royal Bhutan Airlines (Druk Air). Druk Air operates from Kathmandu-Paro every Mon/Wed/Fri/ and Paro-Kathmandu every Tus/Sun/Fri entry is permitted only by Druk Air into Paro.